Baby Wear - 100% cotton Flannelette/Flannel is the best choice you can make for your baby because it "breathes". This is a unique characteristic of (cotton) natural fibre. A warm cotton flannel swaddling blanket allows air to circulate around your baby and also keep them warm when they are wrapped snuggly. Cotton flannel also can be laundered at higher temperatures so you can be sure it is clean the next time you use it on the other hand fleece blankets are made from polyester (an oil based fabric). While they are soft and cozy, they do not let air circulate around your baby.

  • Nappy Set 1 dozen packing <br/>Min. order quantity - 100 dozen
  • 100% Cotton Flannel Baby Frock with nappy <br/>
                        2 piece set
  • 100% Cotton Flannel Baby Jhabla
  • 100% Cotton A line Frock Set